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Dax - JOKER (Official Music Video)


Join my circus... 🤍 Cyber Bullying Kills... Share if you can relate, Click here to listen: 🤍 Follow Dax: 🤍thatsdax Shot By: Logan Meis Produced by: Lex Nour Beats #Joker #cyberbullying #thejoker #mentalhealth LYRICS: I'M SICK! But I think you know that already, You call me EVIL but how would you know unless you LIVE it already. You think you're better right? Because nobodies seen what you’ve done in the dark but if I put your life in this light you would crumble and fight to survive or die but bitch I fucking knew that already I eint SPECIAL, But I SPECALize in making you feel eSEPCIALly stupid for judging a human while you sit at home and whole world judge can’t watch what you doing or follow and hate all your movements I eint complaining but I know the people who do it are sicker than me and i'm sick enough I might just lose it YA You think know me cuz you double tap on picture I hate the fact that you judge me it’s driving me crazy so when it’s to deep I say fuck it and drown in some liquor I write these verses in blood I got chapters for days cuz my heart is my biblical scripture and I’m not a prophet but I can predict that you’ll never catch happiness till you're the pitcher So please continue to laugh if I’m a clown your a circus act When I rap it’s with a SURGEONS MASK Cuz I PLACE every syllable in a deliverable fashion from first to last, then CUT back with a message that’s hidden in melody making them think and ask if I was the one on the table pushing GIVING BIRTH to rap Maybe it was me Maybe you like all my music but don’t really actually love me Maybe you just want a picture Maybe you just want to see me cuz you need some money Maybe you think that I’m happy Maybe you think in reality liking my post is repairing a hole when it’s actually shaking and cutting the soul right out of me out I think I’m sick I feel a rush of emotion whenever I post up a pic I got problem I’m in the studio rapping while this girl is sucking my dick She cut a whole in my heart now I fill it with women who love me cuz they think I’m rich and if I be honest I just told a bitch that I care but I really do not give a shit So what’s your excuse? What helps you sleep? You leave a negative comment not knowing what you sew you will reap I bet you smile when you post thinking you're hurting me, but you see the way the brain works you become what you speak I need peace! But y’all can’t offer that I held my ground, I didn’t sell my soul I said fuck the fame y’all can take that offer back Fuck a shelf you can/t take me off the rack All the fame is not worth a heart attack You're insane, you're in pain, I can tell by what you saying! BUT My bad I forgot you were fragile I forgot someone who doesn't even know me told you I'm an asshole I forgot that I’m a villain I forgot that I’ve always spread positivity but you think I didn't I forgot that hatred stems from people who hate their own existence I forgot I’m better off alone I forgot I care about everyone's happiness but forget about my own I forget I spend every waking second on my phone.... COME JOIN MY CIRCUS! I’m recruiting I’m taking everyone who passes judgement bitch that’s including: Everyone who thinks it’s so amusing To put me down while I’m pursuing The key board warriors that live online behind a screen that's just an illusion Come come come join my circus! You fucking pricks! I’ll fuck you till you love me then pay you to do some tricks, I don’t need a doctor I need a bag of nails and bricks to lay down on the floor so if you fail to land a flip you can feel what I felt when you tried to come sink my ship Let me explain, you all help me financially gain but I spend my money on mental health books and read them just to control all my pain I don’t wear clothes but this bought chain and just like you this chain fake, I wear it to distract you from blatant sadness written on my fucking face What'd you expect? Did you think I was immune to what you were saying and didn’t see all of the disrespect? Do you think I’m not human, have no feelings, or maybe you think I’m fucking weak and now I’m pleading, maybe you think I’m just too good and that I’m cheating? Or maybe just maybe You're blind and the hate inside your heart clouds your eyes and your mind and your ears when I rhyme, even though we all know I’m one of the best of all time, Or maybe you're just a fucking bitch and I can't Stop comparing me to people who are not in my league, Stop saying I don’t believe in God just because you can’t read Stop making fake profiles so you can spam my feed I'm not alone I know there's millions out there just like me

Dax - JOKER RETURNS (Official Music Video)


Bullying Kills... Share if you can relate. hi... 🤍 Click here to listen: 🤍 IG: thatsdax Shot By: Loganmeis Prod. By: LexNourBeats #Joker #bullying #JokerReturns #mentalhealth LYRICS: I’m sick but I already told you that’s once That blood you saw last time wasn’t fake it’s real I do my own stunts That gun had bullets I just got lucky I play Russian roulette for fun That knife was trash I got it replaced it didn’t cut deep it was too blunt That girls still here she’s sucking my dick I might of been wrong she may be the one We’re not in love but in 2021 I’m going to let her have my son So we can post and fake happy while our real lives come undone And stay home and watch re-runs But I don’t want your sympathy Fuck your help! Everyone’s and expert on everyone else except their fucking selves Last time that I made a song I left a lot of shit on that shelf Cuz I know you’re to weak to hear the truth or care about how I felt And oh Hi comment section! Did you know your words describe you and not me and bounce back cuz in life we project our insecurities on people we wish we could be while blinded by the fact that we’re our own biggest and worst enemies Yeah You don’t know me, you knew me You thought JOKER was a joke that shits my life this Eint no movie You torment me and you abuse me Haunt me, chase me and amuse me I’m at war inside my mind my OPS are black they hide at night like I’m playing call of duty I’m depressed but cancel culture causes me to say that loosely Why do you JUDGR if your Not JUDY You Eint my friend you’re dead to me after what you’ve done I feel like uzi I’m done dealing with these Groupies When they see me they Sea food I feel like sushi Oh it’s funny right cuz it’s not happening to you I wear a size 13 men’s there’s no damn way you could walk in my shoes Take this pain and do what I do While making songs that people use To get through shit I can’t get through While they laugh, hate, destroy, and constantly ridicule You guys are pitiful You take my words and you twist them that’s why I don’t want to do interviews I told my mom I was suicidal and she cried and then screamed what the he’ll has got into you I don’t know mom maybe those people who laugh, hate, spin the truth and pray you fail and once you do HA HA HA HA HA they start kicking you FUCK They tried to put try me in A hospital bed diagnose me and stuff me with meds All it ever did was fuck up my head They Anti depress you Until you’re depressed again and then you depend on the pills that made you independent What a shame I’m stuck in a cycle I’m the hero, villain, traitor and somebody else’s idol I make songs about my broken heart and some about bible If you feel depressed or wanna kill yourself I’m not liable let me clarify and get this straight I make songs that no one else can make That millions love cuz they relate Then get half the recognition but twice the hate Then Reinvest and do it all again At a quicker speed than anyone driving in my lane Then I smile and wave Work and slave Talk to my fans everyday While you troll and only take breaks to take a shit or masturbate Then claim my life's a piece of cake Like you could somehow do it even though we know you wouldn’t cause you’re to God damn afraid Don’t even join my circus this time I’m not in the mood go listen to that mainstream music or whatever you friends think is cool I’ll sit here and play the fool, while you drool And drown inside My tears that fill Olympic pools even Michael Phelps couldn’t endure Furthermore I’m tired of drinking and waking up on the floor Tired of living a life I cannot afford Tired of living my life for people who never saw me as equal who hate me and just try to ignore No more It’s war I’m evening this score Killing everyone that walks through that doors and tells me I need wings to soar So let me take the knife the gun and stop pointing them at myself I’ve hurt enough it’s time for you to feel it along everyone else Society needs sobriety We put people down for notoriety Love in public but destroy them privately Adding creating anxiety Then we want LOVE and don’t get it OHHHHH THE IRONY This was a poem I wrote in my diary Fighting demons deep inside of me I feel alone yet I’m constantly fighting for privacy seeking truth while everyone I know lies to me it’s ironic cuz people who knew me the best didn’t support me until I finally made it now they wanna fake it and act like they love me when I know they don’t even like me You Eint slick I remember the day dude fucked my bitch I remember rejection after rejection and going home wanting to slit my wrists I remember that coach who said I wasn’t shit then took my fucking scholarship And all those kids who used to bully me because I didn’t fit in How does it feel? When you see me now They say if you’re alone and fall it doesn’t make a sound What goes up must come down Unless You get a knife and cut a smile so you never frown

Dax - JOKER (Lyrics)


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Dax - JOKER RETURNS (Lyrics)


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Dax - "Dear God" (Official Music Video)


Do you believe in God? Share "Dear God" with someone you know and let's talk. Thank you. Click here to listen: 🤍 Follow DAX: 🤍thatsdax Shot by: Moses Isreal Produced by: Encore Beats #DearGod #religion #church #christianity #Catholic #itsdax #politics LYRICS: Intro: I just want to make this clear I am a believer But Sometimes it gets hard My name is Dax Dear god There’s a lot of questions that I have about the past And I don’t want hear it from a human you made so you’re the last person that I’m ever going to ask Tell me what’s real Tell me what’s fake Why is everything on about you a debate? What’s the point of love? Every time I’ve showed it I was broken and it’s forced me just to only want to hate Why’s there only one you but multiple religions? Why does ever conversation end in a division? Why does everybody want to tell us how to live but they won’t listen to the same damn message that they giving? Tel me how to feel Tell me what’s wrong I tried to call, pick up the phone I’m on my own Everybody says you’re coming back then man why the hells it taking so long? Why do I hurt? Why is there pain? Why does everything good always have to change? Why does everybody try to profit off another mans work then destroy it just for monetary gain? Tell me are you black or are you white? I don’t even really care I just really want to know what’s right They been saying one thing but I’ve been looking in the book and it seems like they’ve been lying for my whole damn life. Tell me where I’m going is it heaven or hell? I just hope this message greats you well I had a dream that I was walking with the devil I don’t remember how it feels but I swear that I remember the smell looked me right into my eyes and told me Everything I wanted could be mine if I gave up and decided to sell but I said I’d rather die then get mine now I’m here no fear one man with a story to tell Dear god where were you when I needed it? When I fucked up and repeated it? When they set the bar and I exceeded it? My life is like a book that they’ve judging by a cover but have took the time to fucking read the shit, I remember telling you my goals and my dreams but you didn’t even answer so I guess you didn’t believe it, I remember sitting with a gun to my head trying to ask you for some help but I guess you didn’t believe in it! I don’t want religion I need that spirituality I don’t want a church I need people to call a family, I don’t want tell my sins to another sinner just because he’s got a robe and he went to some academy I dont wanna read it in book I wanna hear it from you don’t want learn it in a school because they’re hiding the truth don’t want to talk about it with another fucking human and that only reason that I even stepped in the booth Dear god, How do I take this darkness and turn it into light? How do believe in concept where I speak to A man I’ve never seen with my own two eyes? How do I know that religion wasn’t made just the separate the world and create a whole disguise just to keep us in these chains while the rich get richer and poor pray to you and perpetuate a lie? How do I know this Eint some big joke? How can have Faith when there is no Hope? How the hell does one man have 100 billion dollars and we still have people on the street dat are broke? Theres a lot of things I wanna talk about and get off my chest I can’t sleep cause the devil won’t let me rest I used to know a fucking pastor in a church and I can still hear the screams of the kids he would fucking molest Dear god Do you hear me? I’m supposed to fear you but you ain’t said shit so maybe you who actually fears me ? I don’t know the answer I just want to see it clearly so many lies there’s a 1000 different theories All I want to know is who really made religion because I know it wasn’t you but don’t nobody believes me No more lies no more death bring back King bring back X please dear God let their souls rest protect who’s left and watch their steps Dear God I don’t want to have to ask you again all I hope is that you know that I’m still a believer so I’ll end this all by saying AMEN.

Dax - "Dear Alcohol" (Official Music Video)


[LYRICS BELOW] "Dear Alcohol" is a personal song i wrote. Share this with everyone and anyone and let's make an impact. Somebody out there needs this. Love y'all...Thank you. Click here to listen: 🤍 Follow DAX: 🤍thatsdax Shot by: Logan Meis, A Produced by: Lex Nour Beats #DearAlcohol #addiction #alcoholism #sober #alcohol #alcoholic #abuse #sobriety #dax Lyrics: I got wasted cause I didn’t wanna deal with myself tonight My thoughts get drowned until I feel alright I keep drinking til I’m someone I don’t recognize I got wasted I got wasted cause I didn’t wanna deal with myself tonight My thoughts get drowned until I feel alright I keep drinking til I’m someone I don’t recognize I got wasted Repeat the cycle everyday I gotta start with a drink My life been getting sorta crazy and I don’t wanna think I look myself right in the mirror and I don’t even blink Then I get angry take the rest and pour it right in the sink I know where this road goes alcohol ain’t my friend but i keep drinking cause these demons roam and follow me round everywhere I go it clouds my mind and soul it turns my heart cold but I keep drinking cause it makes me feel like I’m not alone I having problems my pride won’t let me reach out Looking at this bottle having nothing but doubt Don’t wanna drink but it keeps coming around and around and around I got wasted cause I didn’t wanna deal with myself tonight My thoughts get drowned until I feel alright I keep drinking til I’m someone I don’t recognize I got wasted I got wasted cause I didn’t wanna deal with myself tonight My thoughts get drowned until I feel alright I keep drinking til I’m someone I don’t recognize I got wasted I know I need to quit I gotta do better Example to these kids Cause they’re watching when I’m there But I’m scared Cause I been chasing the man that I am when I start to drink He’s cocky confident and he don’t give a damn what you think This world is beating me down and it’s pushed me right to brink I take a shot every time because man it helps me escape I’m taking care of these people but no one takes care of me I want to talk to somebody but I feel no one relates I need I better now I think I’ve lost my way I’m having battles with faith It’s painted right on my face I hope better times are coming No chase but I’m still running I gotta take control And I won’t stop for nothing Dear God this is my test Promise that I’ll do my best Just help with this pain I feel and pressure that is on my chest I got wasted cause I didn’t wanna deal with myself tonight My thoughts get drowned until I feel alright I keep drinking til I’m someone I don’t recognize I got wasted I got wasted cause I didn’t wanna deal with myself tonight My thoughts get drowned until I feel alright I keep drinking til I’m someone I don’t recognize I got wasted - If you made it this deep you're a real one. Thank you for continuing to allow me to use my platform to make an impact. Your support is appreciated more than you'll ever know and I will continue to prove that with my actions. I'm very excited. 2022 is going to bring our best and most impactful work. I am putting everything into creating pieces we can all be proud of. We are the label! Like, comment, share and let's continue to be the change we wish to see in the world.

Dax - Why So Serious? (Official Music Video)


Joker Part 3... "Why So Serious?"... like, comment, and share for more... Join my circus... 🤍 available on ALL streaming... 🤍 Follow Dax: 🤍 thatsdax Shot By: Logan Meis Produced by: Lex Nour Beats #Joker #whysoserious #thejoker #mentalhealth LYRICS: Last time that I talked you guys you thought I was mental I explained how I felt cause I thought you were people I could vent to But you just laughed, said I’m crazy, stupid, and slightly special That I should quit, or end my life so now i resent you Now I’m in a room all by myself Get your hands off me I don’t need your help You don’t care about me or how I felt My heart, my mind, my soul or health I was so damn heated I thought I was gonna melt You discarded my cries and now ima have to yell Just look in my eyes tell me what they spell "H" "E" [he] NO’s I’s am in plus two L’s (hell) (im in hell) I’ve been searching tryna find a way Trapped inside my mind is where I stay You torment and laughed at all my pain For no reward or any type of gain I feel the rage it’s spreads inside my veins I see the hate it sticks inside my brain This life is nice but I cannot sustain so I’m here to explain that i aint a INDUSTRY NIGGA I’m a NIGGA in the INDUSTRY I got a HARD DICK for PUSSIES who think I’m SOFT and are not FEELING ME why are you fucking up all of my energy I did this independently But you had a large entity Leave me alone don’t even mention me I’m going crazy when I look around I swear I see 10 of me I’m not BIPOLAR but I feel an IMBALANCE inside me CHEMICALLY up down up down go my emotions and I feel incredibly SICK but also the REMEDY CLICKS, why they’re promoting anything I think Weight on my chest is anxiety Or maybe I’m tired of dealing with all of these different identities If they don’t like me then it’s jealousy Talk behind my back cause they know I got the sauce and I’m cooking up this recipe I can’t let you get best of me You are not my dog I’ve said it before but if you were I would name you Penelope You cannot save face I will feast on your heart on a plate on a Sunday and I won’t even say grace Take it out let it r.i.p like beyblade Then take your mind and try to find where I reside cuz I’m living for free inside but I think it’s time I move away and vacate You make me LOL no JK Just admit you fucking hate me Want to try and humiliate me But no matter what you do you’re never gonna break me no matter what you do you ain’t never gonna change me I’m unique and ur a copycat And by the way you treat me I can tell it drives you crazy So here’s My advice focus on yourself Cuz u can’t build yourself up by tearing down someone else And Ya I know negativity sells But it’s not worth the karma you get delt Cuz it comes a round like a boomerang and whips you like belt You don’t want to be me You can’t get on this level I’m on par with the Gods sat down didn’t sign then spat in the face of the devil You’ve built up to much animosity And it’s obviously Causing you to be an atrocity And it’s slowed your whole flow And that’s the scientific definition of viscosity Now you gotta copy me Now you gotta say you didn’t get your swag off a me Now you gotta spend all your money trynna keep up with me you don’t even know what it takes or what it cost to be Now you gotta talk about me in public And try to discredit me to the sheep who are fucking puppets And try pretend that I’m way below when I’m way above When everybody knows It makes me sick to my fucking stomach So I’m about kkkkk kik and pop shove it And cause ruckus hit you wit cccc cock suck it and cause sudden hit you with a couple of big buckets 3 something put them all together that makes 5 a quintuplet Everybody knows that go hard I’m straight rugged heating up to Farenheit levels only inside ovens you are now an enemy don’t expect to be fist bumping If you see me better get moving buddy and start running star studded people be hating cuz I be jaw dropping when they come battle me they be jaw locking not popping put you down under inside a locked coffin then I get to dancing and singing moving like Mary poppins then I get to Peter piping on ya shitty writing while I get to pipe big titty bitty butt giant im the mother fucking King bitch don’t even try but if you do I’ll ask WHY SO SERIOUS? Stop acting like you’re on your PERIOD My COMMAS can’t takes BREAKS I’m stacking like bricks on ancient pyramids how you drive me out when I’m steering it I’m 6’2 these bars to high boy you clearing it Your like a virgin to me aka no experience I’m Boutta make ya head bounce of the wall 911 is what you’ll have to call Hit ya with t A cross and make ya body fall Hit you wit a POW (Pau) just like my boi gasol why so seee why so seee why so seeee why so serious?

Dax - GRINCH (Official Music Video)


Like, comment, and share... :) Streaming Everywhere: 🤍 FoLo Dax: 🤍thatsdax Shot By: Logan Meis Prod. by: Lex Nour Beats #TheGrinch #Christmas #santa #Grinch LYRICS: first off fuck santa claus he eint never done shit for a nigga like me people been hating on me since I was like three just because I was different and my skin was light green hating and spreading rumors all over IG IC them coming for everything that IB trolling hard and making fun of my teeth, my skin, my hair, and the fucking way I speak was the night before Christmas, all through the house I sat in my room alone with no spouse scrolling my phone comparing myself to people who don’t put no food in my mouth looking around jerking off to bella thornes only fans account while scheming the system and faking depression so I can get rich just to double my clout i’m tired of christmas I don’t want a PRESENT can’t wait for the FUTURE i’m done the PAST i’m fucking up santa on sight if I see him i’m punching his belly and kicking his ass RUDOLPH can get it that RED on his NOSE a get put on his HEAD if he’s TALKING that TRASH DONER and BLITZEN then PRANCER and VIXEN and COMET and CUPID and DASHER and DANCE santa gon’ think i’m a psycho i’m DUNKING these cookies like MICHEAL i’m fucking ms. claus then I’m posting the vid so your HOE HOE HOE is viral life is viscous cycle karma comes around and bites you this for everybody who was mean and bullied me down in whoville back in highschool listen i’m NOT UGLY it’s ACQUIRED TASTE My hams greens with the eggs and steak i MAX out on my DOG I’m scamming unemployment out in several states i DRIVE STICK I don’t need a SLEIGH need NO HOOKS cause I’ve MASTERED BAIT (masturbate) i’m so good even Santa plays this song on Christmas i’m THE GRINCH no hands when I’m taking a piss no condom when i’m fucking ya bitch IN AND OUT like the BURGER i'm SAUCING THE PATTY SO BUNS ON MY DICK A STICK i don’t need FIRE to heat to my crib you dumb fuck i’m already LIT and the only time you’ll ever RAP better is when you wRAPPING CHRISTMAS GIFTS i wanna know if you're naughty or nice i bet you pray on the downfall of others like me whenever you sleep at night fuck this society everyone acts like they’re perfect while judging another’s life you don’t qualify to judge on what is wrong from right YOU’RE NOT GOD OH MY GOD i’m bout to THROW massive fit a PUNCH i don’t care if you’re a pacifist (pass A fist) I’ll PASS THIS FIST like a perfect STEVE NASH PASS ASSIST you straight ASS all you PASS is GAS and if you do the math you’ll never be HALF of HALF what my ACTIVE IS i’m CAPtaning you CAP that's a asterisks to say you should never try to be an ACTIVIST let me explain my pain and why i’m going insane and why ya negativity energy’s penetrating my brain I gotta fettish for dead ish I’ll JJ REDDISH ya face for speaking PLETHORIC RHETORIC on a veterans name don’t ever speak on my GREEN unless its MONEY i've made and if you do it a g g gain ima k k k k k k k k kick in ya face then take my body builder body run and pick the pace back to my cave up the mountain where I’ll kick up legs i know you’re sick of how I innovate santa has been jealous looking for ways to eliminate you can (S)UCK (T)HIS (D)ICK STD if you abbreviate deviate abracadabra you keep on talking you’ll disintegrate I’m dissing-the-great (dis-in-te-grate) chimney sliding milk cookie diving sleigh driving elf and high fiving jolly fat smiling guy that rides private without no license G R I N C H I’m all green not clean spray me with lysol i’m depressed that’s ok I take drugs to to pick me up like ground balls you can tell by my I eyeballs i self loath so much I might call 1-800-got-junk and tell them I think suicidal and if they don’t pick up i’ll kill myself and then i’ll go viral and tell God we need a Grinch chapter in next years new age Bible then get spiteful, look at earth and see all of my haters living life so seek revival and kill them and all their friends on my arrival... And once I arrive you should pray I decide not to come for your neck, do not be cordial and smile in face you’re a snake And I've heard all the lies that you’ve spread Do not say sorry or act like you made a mistake and pretend that you want to friends cause now it’s too late and the words that you’ve said are words that have driven me over the edge Now I see red Now I see bullets in unison traveling straight to your head Now I see people in pain their emotions are withering hanging on just by a thread You should of left me alone the unknown was the thrill you were searching for but now instead I’m lyrically piercing your flesh for that thrill and I’ll do it again and again and again Look in mirror there is no reflection cause you’re getting sick You hate on everyone you selfish narcissistic fucking prick You’ve destroyed me with your words I might just cut off both your lips And then go trans and cut my shit if it means having you’ll get off my dick...

Mortal Kombat 11 - Jax Vs The Joker (Very Hard)


Jax takes on The Joker.

Dax - GOTHAM (Official Music Video)


How badly do you want to be Famous? Share "GOTHAM" with someone who needs to hear it. Click here to listen: 🤍 BTW Thank you for sticking with me during my time off. I appreciate you all. This song means a lot to me and if taking a lot of weight off my shoulders. I feel like everyone needs to hear it. Don't forget to leave a like and comment. I will be in the comment sections replying heavily for this one more than ever. Follow Dax: 🤍thatsdax Shot By: Moses Israel Produced by: Lex Nour Beats #Gotham #Batman #Joker #Dax GOTHAM LYRICS: I think that we’re headed down the wrong road Fakes real and they say real’s fake woke False prophets on these screens everywhere we go But what did you expected when dumb people got smart phones More memes cool make it all a big joke Crown your fake kings and let them sit up on your fake thrones You’re young now but just wait until you grow old When life gets real you’ll remember all these words I wrote I went roaming walked multiple ways For 40 nights 40 sleeps yes multiple days In the dessert no food water searching for the answers but you listen to these people who got nothing to say You wouldn’t know real if it slapped you right in the face Ain’t for the culture I can tell by the sh*t you embrace I’m in Gotham but my minds in a different place So F*ck your co-signs, money, and your radio play I be shaking when I write my music I’ve been anti-v*olent but don't push me cause I just might do it They won’t give you no credit cause they know you’ll use it And that’s what happens when the master starts fearing the student In this city you’re a number they don’t see you as human Just a puppet they replace for their games and amusement In a city full of angels with the biggest influence I see demons with a platform who just fucking abuse it In Gotham.. Everybody knows everybody if you ain’t got a blue check you Ain’t anybody Redo, repeat, sleep, double tap, see copy Lost souls unaware they’re turning into dead zombies Everywhere you look is plastic all fabricated Everything you’ve seen on tv was exaggerated. Don’t nobody see you till you get a million followers and when you do they treat you like you’re someone and you’re validated What do you do? How much money you make? Who do you know? What do you drive? Where do you stay? And while you’re answering those questions They’ll be calculating how much of it they can see themselves trying to come in and take If you’re fragile don’t you even try come to this place They gon' build you just to break you then rebuild you to break Let you reach your own limit then heroically save and that’s exactly how Gotham turns you into a slave In Gotham Everyone goes and they lose they’re souls cause they can’t control in Gotham Everyone lies it’s an eye for an eye you will lose your mind in Gotham Everyone goes and they lose their souls cause they can’t control in Gotham Living in Gotham Living in Gotham Living in Gotham Living in Gotham Nobodies from here But everybody come here Wanting to be famous till they realize the price of fame brings close everything that they once feared Consumed by the algorithm it becomes clear life’s a simulation all controlled by a puppeteer blind people leading blind people driving cars to a destination that is unclear while they can’t steer 1 year 2 years 3 years 4 Drugs alcohol addiction morgue Fake friends women gold digging as a sport who convince you, you should live a whole life you can’t afford Nobody sees you, you’re continuously ignored Everybody wants fame they don’t care what it’s for They don’t wanna build theirs, They’re just tryna take yours This is dog eat dog in this messed up world You think you need this place but you don’t Happiness is not a physical place you call home Did you ever wonder why you feel like you feel when you take that time away from your phone Fake shit goes viral we know this won’t They’ll say they care but will never show Gotham isn’t just a place it’s a mind state Watered by the thoughts that manifest what you grow In Gotham Everyone goes And they lose they’re souls cause they can’t control in Gotham Everyone lies it’s an eye for an eye you will lose your mind in Gotham Everyone goes and they lose their souls cause they can’t control in Gotham Living in Gotham Living in Gotham Living in Gotham Living in Gotham Don’t Tell them how you feel cause I promise they won’t call back Everybodies in it for money so it’s all bad Killing off my demons I’m rapping this in all black I ain’t gotta I ain’t gotta I ain’t gotta I ain’t gotta Prove nothing to Gotham they ain’t done nothing for me... for me

Dax - "THE NEXT RAP GOD" [One Take Video]


we just made history... like, comment, and shareeee... available on ALL plaTForms... 🤍 follow me 🤍 thatsdax on EVERYTHING ;) Shot by: Logan Meis prod by. Lex Nour Beats #thenextrapgod #rapgod #dax #eminem TOTAL WORDS: 2610 btw if u made it this deep AGAIN in the description you are a real one. there is WAY too many lyrics to fit in here cuz the limit so i couldnt post them. They should be in my PINNED POST in the comment section! Let's go crazy!!! WE ARE THE LABEL

MK Mobile. Ace of Knaves Joker Gameplay Preview. How Good is The New Joker? I'm Disappointed...


My reaction to new Ace of Knaves Joker Gameplay trailer in Mortal Kombat Mobile, why I'm disappointed in the upcoming Joker in MKX Mobile 3.7 update. Is he worth the money? You can support me on Patreon and gain some cool perks: 🤍 Open packs, suggest teams, win MK Mobile tournaments: 🤍, code for coins is 'mkjoker3'. Subscribe to my channel, I make videos about MK X, Mortal Kombat X mobile, Injustice 2, Injustice 2 Mobile, other games, vlogs and funny challenges. Join our channel for daily videos and high quality content! Follow me on Twitter, Facebook and Reddit: 🤍 🤍 🤍 Also follow me on Instagram, I post there almost every day: 🤍

Mortal Kombat 11 - The Joker Vs Jax (Very Hard)


The Joker takes on Jax.

Joker is AMAZING! | MK Mobile Joker Gameplay. Sindel and Terminator Brutalities!


Cuday Discord Shop: 🤍 Invite Link: (If cuday.shop/discord does not work): 🤍 Social Media: (Working on Adding More) Instagram: - 🤍 Twitter: - 🤍 Thank you all for watching, peace out! Credits to TTMedia for the Logo. Intro Song Music: Seven Pounds - That Dubstep (Requires License to Use) More Tags: Joker Joker MK Mobile red hood joker joker red hood corrupted shinnok mk mobile mk 11 mileena mk 11 frost injustice 2 sub zero ace of knaves joker gameplay update 3.7

Ace of Knaves The Joker 🃏 official Gameplay Review | MK Mobile New Update


Ace of knaves the joker 🃏 official gameplay review from Neatherrleam Studio. #AceOfKnavesTheJoker #MKMobile

4o4 Smash Night 23 Losers Semis - omega (Joker) Vs. Jax (Lucina) - SSBU Ultimate Tournament


Streamed Live at: 🤍 🤍 4o4 Esports Arcade 6035 Peachtree Rd Suite C-220 Atlanta, GA 30360 We also have 4 weekly Tournaments at Xanadu Games in Laurel, MD: Smash Ultimate Tuesdays: 🤍 Melee Wednesdays: 🤍 Fighting Game Thursdays: 🤍 The Grind Fridays: 🤍 ► Xanadu on Twitter: 🤍 ► Xanadu on Facebook: 🤍 #ssb #smashultimate #supersmashbrosultimate

YENİ FAVORİ KARAKTERİM😱 | The Joker Oynanış | Mk Mobile | Phoentes


Selamlar kankalar. Naber ? Ben de iyiyim.Mortal Kombat mobile'da parçalamaya devam ediyoruz. Videoları seviyorsanız bir beğeninizi ve abonenizi alırım. Videodan bildirim gelmesini istiyorsanız(ilkçi kardeşlerim için) abone ol butonunun yanındaki çana abanarak bunu yapabilirsiniz. Şu alt tarafı kelimlerle dolduram da video daha fazla izlensin :D mk mobile the joker gameplay, mk mobile ace of knaves joker gameplay, mk mobile joker gameplay, mk mobile joker phoentes, mk mobile the joker ace of knaves, mk mobile diamond joker gameplay, mk mobile new joker gameplay, mk mobile joker oynanış phoentes, mk mobile the joker oynanış phoentes, mk mobile nomad joker gameplay, mk mobile twister tower, mk mobile joker tower, mk mobile new tower, mk mobile new joker tower, mk mobile twisted tower ending, mk mobile twisted tower 1, mk mobile twisted tower final, mk mobile sorcerers tower fatal, mk mobile sorcerers tower fatal başlangıç, mk mobile sorcerers tower fatal başlangıç phoentes, mk mobile sorcerers tower fatal 1, mk mobile klassic reptile gameplay, mk mobile klassic reptile oynanış, mk mobile klassic reptile phoentes, mk mobile klassic reptile, mk mobile klassic reptile türkçe, mk mobile klassic reptile alma, mk mobile how to get klassic reptile, sıfırdan mk mobile 4 sıfırdan mk mobile mortal kombat mobile earthrealm tower mortal kombat mobile revenant tower sıfırdan mk mobile 3 sıfırdan mk mobile bölüm 3 sıfırdan mk mobile sıfırdan mk mobile türkçe mortal kombat mobile bölüm 1 mk mobie lin kuei tower mk mobile new mode mk mobile new surviver mode mk mobile how to get klassic smoke mk mobile klassic smoke pack mk mobile getting klassic smoke mk mobile gold klassic smoke mk mobile klassic smoke gameplay mk mobile smoke gameplay mk mobile new character smoke mk mobile smoke oynanış mk mobile 2.7 update mk mobile new update mk mobile new character mk mobile smoke mk mobile new smoke mk mobile new diamond character mk mobile new updates mk mobile new mk11 character mk mobile new mk11 jade mk mobile new mk11 raiden mk mobile new erron black mk mobile black dragon erron black mk mobile new mk11 kabal mk mobile kold war team mk mobile kold war sub zero mk mobile kold war scorpion mk mobile kold war sonya blade mk mobile black dragon kabal mk mobile black dragon kabal gameplay mk mobile black dragon kabal oynanış mk mobile black dragon kabal türkçe mk mobile black dragon tremor mk mobile tremor mk mıbile black dragon mk mobile black dragon tremor gameplay mk mobile black dragon tremor oynanış mk mobile assasin skarlet mk mobile assasin skarlet gameplay mk mobile skarlet mk mobile assasin skarlet team mk mobile assasin team mk mobile mk11 skarlet mk mobile mk11 skarlet gameplay mk mobile mk11 skarlet oynanış mk mobile mk11 skarlet team mk mobile jason voorhees gameplay mk mobile unstoppabble jason voorhees mk mobile mk11 jade gameplay mk mobile mk11 jade mk mobile diamond pack mk mobile black dragon pack mk mobile black dragon diamond pack mk mobile assassin jade mk mobile assassin jade gameplay mk mobile assassin mk mobile assassin team mk mobile high tech jacqui briggs mk mobile jacqui briggs, mk mobile karakter tanıtımı, mk mobile gold characters sıfırdan mk mobile mk mobile, phoentes, mortal kombat mobile, mortal kombat 11, mortal kombat mobile new challenge, mortal kombat mobile new character, mortal kombat mobile new item, mk 11 scorpion, mk11 jade, mk11 raiden, mk mobile baraka, mk mobile erron black, mk mobile ermac, mk mobile freddy krueger, mk mobile jacqui briggs, mk mobile goro, mk mobile jade, mk mobile jason voorhees, mk mobile jax briggs, mk mobile shao kahn, mk mobile johnny cage, mk mobile cano, mk mobile kenshi, mk mobile kintaro , mk mobile kitana, mk mobile kotal kahn, mk mobile kung jin, mk mobile kung lao, mk mobile liu kang, mk mobile leatherface, mk mobile mileena, mk mobile quan chi, mk mobile reptile, mk mobile shinnok, mk mobile sonya blade, mk mobile sub zero, mk mobile takeda, mk mobile tanya, mk mobile tremor, mk mobile triborg soul, koins, pack, new pack opening, react mk mobile Ellerim koptu yazmaktan, klavye yandı, tuşlar eridi :

Jax vs The Joker ( Ultra Hard ) Mortal Kombat 11


Jax vs The Joker ( Ultra Hard ) Mortal Kombat 11

Hopsin - You Should've Known (feat. DAX)


Listen to the song here: 🤍 Director: Hopsin Producer: Moses Israel Prod. Company: Bandwidth Bros. 1st AD: Roberto Ahumada 2nd AD: Sergio Ramirez DP: Russ Fraser Steadicam: Bill Hunt Art Director: Day Hernandez Color: Ntropic Follow Hopsin: Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍hopsin Twitter: 🤍hopsin Website: 🤍

Ace of Knaves Joker Official Gameplay! Let's review it!


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intro Jax Joker - Jax Joker


Mình xin giới thiệu mình là youtuber mới, mình làm về Vlog Và Game √ 🤍 Garena Free fire √ 🤍 √ .Fanpage 🤍 √ 6h Tối hoặc 7h mình sẽ ra vdieo √ Live Stream Thì sẽ nào rảnh thì live Stream

MK MOBILE JOKER OFFICIAL GAMEPLAY Trailer Reaction! | Update 3.7 Server Maintenance Tomorrow!


Cuday Discord Shop: 🤍 Invite Link: (If cuday.shop/discord does not work): 🤍 Social Media: (Working on Adding More) Instagram: - 🤍 Twitter: - 🤍 Thank you all for watching, peace out! Credits to TTMedia for the Logo. Intro Song Music: Seven Pounds - That Dubstep (Requires License to Use) Official MK Mobile Accounts: 🤍 🤍 🤍 (Official Trailer Footage) I do not own the rights to the footage used to show the Joker Trailer. These are where you can find the official trailers. More Tags: Joker Joker MK Mobile red hood joker joker red hood corrupted shinnok mk mobile mk 11 mileena mk 11 frost injustice 2 sub zero

Jax Briggs v The Joker - Dialogues - Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate


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Mortal Kombat 11 The Joker vs Jax Briggs



4o4 Smash Night 60 Winners Finals - omega (Joker) Vs. Jax (Lucina) SSBU Ultimate Tournament


Streamed Live at: 🤍 🤍 4o4 Esports Arcade 6035 Peachtree Rd Suite C-220 Atlanta, GA 30360 We also have 4 weekly Tournaments at Xanadu Games in Laurel, MD: Smash Ultimate Tuesdays: 🤍 Melee Wednesdays: 🤍 Fighting Game Thursdays: 🤍 The Grind Fridays: 🤍 ► Xanadu on Twitter: 🤍 ► Xanadu on Facebook: 🤍 #ssbu #smashultimate #supersmashbrosultimate

Mortal Kombat 11 The Joker vs Jax


Mortal Kombat 11 🤍

Mortal Kombat 11 jax vs joker


Jax, Joker, & Jade vs Sindel (queenashley_808)


Mortal Kombat 11 0:00 Jax vs Sindel (5 fights) 10:42 Joker vs Sindel (2 fights) 16:38 Jade vs Sindel (3 fights)

Ace of Knaves The Joker Gameplay Reveal


Koming to Mortal Kombat Mobile on June 24.

Klassic Shang Tsung is INCREDIBLE! | MK Mobile Update 3.7 Leaked Gameplay!


Cuday Discord Shop: 🤍 Invite Link: (If cuday.shop/discord does not work): 🤍 Social Media: (Working on Adding More) Instagram: - 🤍 Twitter: - 🤍 Thank you all for watching, peace out! Credits to TTMedia for the Logo. Intro Song Music: Seven Pounds - That Dubstep (Requires License to Use) More Tags: Joker Joker MK Mobile red hood joker joker red hood corrupted shinnok mk mobile mk 11 mileena mk 11 frost injustice 2 sub zero ace of knaves joker gameplay update 3.7 Klassic Shang Tsung

Sub-Zero Optimal Combo by @Mtn Dew The Joker


Need some new headphones, buds/pods? Use code ANHACONDA for a discount! 🤍 ★ SUBSCRIBE TO MY TEAM ★ ManlyGenius101 🤍 EdenianQueens 🤍 SOCIALS ▸Instagram 🤍 ▸Twitter 🤍 MERCH 🤍 100% non-profit charity channel! All donations go to charity for homeless children and families living in poverty all around the world. If you wish to donate I have a Cash App and PayPal account solely for charity. ▸Cash App 🤍 ▸PayPal 🤍 ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ 𝑰𝒈𝒏𝒐𝒓𝒆 𝒆𝒙𝒕𝒓𝒂 𝒕𝒂𝒈𝒔 #mortalkombat #mk11 #shorts #mortalkombatmovie2021 #mortalkombat11#tiktok Mortal Kombat Aftermath Mortal Kombat11 Aftermath Mortal Kombat DLC Mortal Kombat Kockups Kitana Mileena Mortal Kombat Legends Scorpions Revenge Resident Evil 3 Gaming ComboBreaker Ed Boon Friendship Fatality Gaming MK11 Combos AMV MortalKombatMovie2020 Sheeva Fujin Robocop Mortal Kombat 11 Android Download Mortal Kombat Rip Offs Mortal Kombat Movie Mortal Kombat Annihilation Mortal Kombat Mobile Mortal Kombat Reconciliation Mortal Kombat 11 Android MK9 Mortal Kombat 9 Mortal Kombat X SKARLET CASSIE CAGE CETRION KITANA MAIN NOOB SAIBOT BI-HAN ORIGINAL SUB-ZERO

Mortal Kombat 11 Jax Briggs vs The Joker



Batman (1989) | Joker Takes Over the Gotham Museum | Music by Prince | Warner Bros. Entertainment


#JackNicholson gives an iconic performance as the #Joker in #Batman1989. Set to the music of #Prince, Joker takes over the #Gotham Museum of Art in an attempt to woo #VickiVeil. SUBSCRIBE to Warner Bros. Entertainment: 🤍 Connect with Batman (1989): Like Batman (1989) on FACEBOOK: 🤍 Connect with Warner Bros. Entertainment Online: Follow Warner Bros. Entertainment INSTAGRAM: 🤍 Like Warner Bros. Entertainment on FACEBOOK: 🤍 Follow Warner Bros. Entertainment TWITTER: 🤍 About Warner Bros. Entertainment: At Warner Bros. Entertainment, we believe in the power of story. From classics to contemporary masterpieces, explore and watch a library full of extraordinary, stirring, and provocative entertainment that goes beyond the big screen. Subscribe to discover new favorites from the studio that brought you Friends, JOKER, the Conjuring Universe, and The Wizarding World of Harry Potter™. About Batman (1989): As #TheDarkKnight, defender of law and order in Gotham City, #Batman treads the shadow zone between right and wrong, fighting with only his skill in martial arts and his keenly honed mind to defend the innocent and to purge the memory of his parents' brutal murder. He keeps his true identity as millionaire philanthropist #BruceWayne a closely guarded secret from the many psychopathic villains that plague Gotham. Batman (1989) | Joker Takes Over the Gotham Museum | Music by Prince | Warner Bros. Entertainment 🤍 Warner Bros. Entertainment 🤍

4o4 Smash Night 43 Losers Quarters - Jax (Lucina) Vs. omega (Joker) SSBU Ultimate Tournament


Streamed Live at: 🤍 🤍 4o4 Esports Arcade 6035 Peachtree Rd Suite C-220 Atlanta, GA 30360 We also have 4 weekly Tournaments at Xanadu Games in Laurel, MD: Smash Ultimate Tuesdays: 🤍 Melee Wednesdays: 🤍 Fighting Game Thursdays: 🤍 The Grind Fridays: 🤍 ► Xanadu on Twitter: 🤍 ► Xanadu on Facebook: 🤍 #ssb #smashultimate #supersmashbrosultimate



First time fighting the Joker. Who will come out victorious? Watch the Joker and Jax fight till the death SHAREfactory™ 🤍

Mortal Kombat 11 Premium Edition Jax Briggs Vs The Joker ( Hard )


Mortal Kombat 11 Premium Edition Jax Briggs Vs The Joker ( Hard ) ►CPU: Intel Comet Lake, Core i9 10900K 3.7 ►Graphics Card: MSI Gaming GeForce GTX 1660 TI Gaming X 6G Graphics Card ►Motherboard: ASUS Z490 ROG MAXIMUS XII HERO ►RAM: HyperX Predator Black 64GB DDR4 3200MHz CL16 Quad Channel Kit ►HDD: 3x WD Black 1TB SATA-III 7200 RPM 64MB

Notorious Joker is back baby | Jungle | Shaco vs Jax


Runes: Hail of Blades , Sudden Impact, Eyeball collection, Relentless Hunter Magical footwear, Approach velocity

MK11 FT3 SET EFL - BigTiddyTurboThot (Joker/Jax/NW) VS Vslayer (Kitana)


MK11 FT3 SET EFL - BigTiddyTurboThot (Joker/Jax/NW) VS Vslayer (Kitana) - EFL is an MK11 League created and run by a group of friends. We host team battles every week and tournaments with prizes every month! We are a non-profit organization and using our own money to fund these tournaments. If you want to support us, here's our tip jar: 🤍 - Catch all the action live: 🤍 Become a part of our community: 🤍 Follow us on Twitter for tournament news: 🤍

Joker Jokermix Tape Vol.1 (JAX Mixtape Serisi)


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